Getting a Slam Dunk with Vert Shock

Vert Shock

Your ability to play basketball well may be partly related to your skill and reaction speed. It’s also dependant on your ability to jump high. Even tall players who may appear to have an advantage might struggle if they have trouble jumping. Vert Shock is one training program which can teach players how to jump high so they can improve their game.

What is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is a revolutionary training program which uses tried and tested techniques to improve the height a person can jump. Although there are a few different training programs which claim to achieve similar things, none work quite as well as vert shock. This gets results very quickly and uses only safe techniques which have no danger of causing any damage to your muscles or legs.

Benefits of Vert Shock:

– Safe and effective training program
– Can add up to 15 inches to your jump in weeks
– Works quickly
– No need to lift weights
– Does not affect growth
– Improve your basketball game in weeks

How does it work?

If you’ve tried wearing special shoes, or reading various ebooks without any results then you might be very sceptical about paying any money for another training program. However, Vert Shock is completely different because it really does get results. There are lots of people who have tried using the techniques and noticed an improvement in their vertical jump height.

The Vert Shock System

The system is split into three different phases:

– Pre-Shock Phase – First 7 days – Aims to increase jump height by 3-5 inches
– Shock Phase – This phase lasts 6 weeks and is the most important phase. Your body is trained to leap higher than you though possible.
– Post-Shock Phase – This is the final week which will make sure your body remembers how to jump high.

The whole system lasts 8 weeks and once you have completed the three phases you can add between 9 and 15 inches to your jump height.

How Much Height can I add?

The amount of height you can add to your vertical jump will depend mainly on how high you jump at the moment, and your actual height. However, some people have successfully been able to add around 7 inches to their jump which provides them with a massive advantage. If you continue with the program for a couple of months then it can be possible to add as much as 15 inches to your jump. When playing competitive sports like Basketball, this can make it much easier for you to win.

Safe for All Ages

The techniques used to train you to jump higher with Vert Shock are completely safe and will not cause you any harm. There are no weights which need to be lifted and it will not affect your growth. This means that the program can be used to train you at any age. It uses a technique called plyometric training to allow you to explode and jump higher.

These techniques will reduce training time and so reduce the risk of injury. This is a smart way of improving your game without any risk.

Does it Work?

Vert Shock is a very well respected training program which makes it possible for you to jump higher. There have been plenty of people who have experienced success with these techniques and it has certainly worked in many cases. Even if you feel that vert shock has not worked for you there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

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*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

Remarks: Vert Shock 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee Condition: If you’re not satisfied for any reason. You’ll get your money back, no questions asked.